Welcome Ms. Sosa to the Kearnian!

Susana Vivar

Out with the old, in with the new! The Kearnian would like to introduce Ms. Sosa as the head of the newspaper club. 


Can you please introduce yourself, by what you teach and how long you have been teaching?

This is my 23rd year teaching at Kearny High School, and I teach World Cultures, AP Government, ESL World Cultures, and ESL US History. 


What interested you to be part of The Kearnian?

Mr. Adamski could no longer be the advisor for the Kearninan, he is now a district Instructional Coach.  To be honest, I always watched the meetings since Mr. Adamski’s room was right next door, and I always saw the large group of students who were constantly engaged and thought it would be nice to do something outside of teaching to connect with the students.  The Kearnian is a great platform to showcase student’s voices. Knowing that the club was mostly student-led and that there was a solid workflow with everyone, it was rather easy to join. I hope to continue building on the strong foundation laid by Mr. Adamski.


Are there any specific goals you wish to accomplish within the club?

Definitely continuing to engage everyone, and to encourage the population in our school that might think they can’t join because they don’t have time or are not good writers. One of my goals would be to increase traffic on our website and include the voices of ESL students. I want them to feel like they’re a part of the KHS community, and it would be great if they saw that in the school newspaper.


Is there anything you would like to say to students or new members?

I want to welcome anybody that wants to join, and there are many current members that are willing to teach others what they know. It’s a very welcoming club, and I want people to experience the good vibe that happens here.