Can You Have A Hoodie Virtually?


Arwa Ouali

Before the pandemic, the dress code at Kearny High was a Red or Black shirt with khaki pants or sweatpants. Now that we are all learning remotely, students are questioning whether the same dress code rules apply. Students could wear their uniform, but don’t have to. However, rules are rules and certain clothing is unacceptable. Being shirtless for one is going to result in consequences and anything with offensive/inappropriate words or pictures is banned. Any clothing that is comfortable yet presentable is appropriate to wear during meetings. One piece of clothing on many students’ minds are hoodies. In school, they aren’t allowed, but being at home is a different situation. Can students wear hoodies? It’s really up to the teacher. Some are more relaxed and won’t mind, but others are totally against it and believe that if they are not allowed in school, they also are not permitted in meetings. If a piece of clothing makes one question whether it is allowed or not, use this quote, “If a teacher wore the clothing in question and the students felt uncomfortable, then the student shouldn’t wear that piece of clothing to the meeting.” Every teacher is different so asking would be the best bet or one could choose to wear a hoodie and see what happens. Be advised though, there ARE consequences. In the end, the teacher has the last word.