Get to Know Dr. Bubb!


Natalie Vega

A new teacher has been added to the science department, Dr. Bubb. Dr. Bubb first started teaching in 2001 at Seton Hall University. He worked there from 2001-2005. After that, he started working at Rutgers University in Camden from 2005-2018. Dr. Bubb then worked at American Water from 2018-2020 just before coming to Kearny High School. He also had a part time job at the Naval Research Laboratory for quite some time. With all of his experience in this field, Dr. Bubb is sure going to bring fresh eyes to the classroom. He takes pleasure in helping his students discover new experiences, especially when it comes to science: “I enjoy helping students to learn difficult subjects…I like helping students to expand their horizons and reconsider what’s possible.”