Importance of the PSAT

Jaiden Daughtry

Kearny High is offering juniors the opportunity to take the practice SAT test. An email was sent to all the students in the district regarding the PSAT which will be free of charge to anyone who registers. The test will be physical and administered on the 29th of October at 8:45 a.m. Cell phones will be collected, students will test in groups of 10 or less, a drink is allowed to be brought, and food and bags are not permitted. This test is very important for juniors to take so that they know what the SAT will be like and they know what to practice. The SAT test is a key factor in college acceptance even though college applications are becoming SAT-optional. Students with high enough SAT scores are eligible for merit-based financial aid/scholarships and they also boost their college applications substantially. The test also proves what you have or haven’t learned in high school and if you’re able to apply your skills on to the test. It is divided into a math section and a reading section while entailing both history and sciences into the questions. The overall score range is 400-1600 and each section’s score range is 200-800. SAT practice books can be bought or hand-me-down books could be used to study with. If you want to take the PSAT and you haven’t registered, check your email and fill out the form in the link.