Renaissance Points


Arwa Ouali

Renaissance points are a dream for students, as extra points are added to one assignment at the end of each marking period. For those who may not know what Renaissance points are, they are basically 4 to 10 extra credits points (depending on your grades the marking period before) students can earn at the end of each marking period to all of their classes. As it was started over 20 years ago, this program is an incentive for students who work hard and was instated to promote academics and proper behavior.

Since the situation we are in is unprecedented, many decisions had to be made quickly and not everything can be offered virtually. After asking Mr. Measso about the Renaissance program, he explained how the program will be suspended until we return to the school building with in-person classes. The reason being that in order to receive these points, one must have the grades, two excused absences or less, and no behavior that results in disciplinary action to be taken. While being virtual, it is harder to track the other components, other than academics, that go into determining whether a student qualifies to earn Renaissance points. Therefore, it is currently suspended, however, there is hope of it coming back if we are able to overcome this pandemic and return to a somewhat normal lifestyle.