A New Form of Help Period


Adrian Linares

The majority of us are familiar with help period. If you don’t understand a topic, need to finish something, or whatever it may be,  just stop by after class or in the morning for help period. However these memories took place on school grounds. Now that we’re attending school remotely what happens if you need help? Just because we’re at home doesn’t mean invisible numbers make any more sense…if anything they probably make less sense. So if you find yourself needing help, there are a few obvious options: ask a friend, watch a video on YouTube, send an email, a Remind message, or wait until the next structured day. None of these options resemble help period, so that’s where 1-1 Google Meets come in. If you’re struggling with something that can’t be answered by a friend or through an email, students can meet 1-1 with the teacher. For safety reasons, parents will have to send an email giving consent for the session to be recorded prior to the meet. Although this process is certainly strange…if you think you’re going to fail the next test, just give it a chance.