What Are Clubs Doing During the Pandemic


Victoria Defranca

As school opens up, it can be seen that the pandemic has messed with many traditions and plans for the school year. One of the most notable is clubs. Students use clubs as a way to meet new people and get involved with their school. With the current pandemic keeping people from meeting in person, the Kearny High School clubs have found a way to adapt. Many clubs have started meeting online on google meets. Clubs have also opened up google classrooms in order to give information to their members. This information usually contains the date and time of their meets as well as other information.
Google meets can be great for most clubs, but difficult for some. For example, K Birds is a chorus club that relies on well synchronized and blended voices. However, with the time lag on google meets it can be difficult for the club to sing together. Luckily, this does not seem to deter the club since Ms. Gonzalez, club adviser, says that they are planning to perform for the virtual town Tree Lighting as well as hold a virtual Winter Concert. The Kearny High School clubs seem to be adapting well and bringing a bit of normalcy to their students.

Clubs to join:
Alpha and Omega, y4vxlhn
Band Director, l3wkbl4
Cheerleading, fbp5wip
Chemical Safety Officer, frjp3et
Chess Club, uu6tqxfg
Culinary Club, 4uvu6di
Debate Club, a6ptvvr
Engineering Club, 5xkkt3m
Fishing Club, tk7wezq
French Club, klwxxyn
Freshman Class, qp465bg
Future Education Association, g2pbzss
Future Poets, v2ub6gy
Gay, Lesbian, Straight Alliance, t7iwwnb
Hi-Kearnian, bvibdlv4
Honor Society, q4uohcc
Italian Club, uq6ztea
Japanese Club, y7laffb
Junior Class, 27uwv7d
K-Birds, kwsdiwg
Latin Club/Honor Society, vwf3cyq
Science League Advisor, o3vttes
Physics Science League, ak5dx25
Biology Science League, t45gqix
Science League, zoc7oun
Senior Class, mzgttss
Sophomore Class, fmzwl3q
Student Government, kjqjtf2
Technology Club/TSA, 5jtncpw
Teen Pep Matthew Diglio, ghzfvib
Yearbook, ystat6f