Who Is Among Us?

Sabrina Stroman

Imagine you are on a spaceship far away from Earth with up to 9 other people supposedly being your crewmates that help you maintain the ship. Suddenly all your crewmates start showing up dead around the ship one by one. In a panic, you try to hunt out whoever or whatever is causing this mayhem even until the last crewmate is standing. That is the premise of a new online murder mystery game titled “Among Us”. This game has a simple art style combined with an eery soundtrack and a straightforward objective. Find the imposter(s) among us. Even the most inexperienced of gamers can find this game fun and addicting as it does not require any gaming skills but rather logic. The smarter you play the game the greater your chance of winning as a crewmate or imposter. Although released in 2018 the game did not gain much popularity until mid-2020 with both popular gamers and the current pandemic allowing for its exponential success. The game was planned for a sequel but was canceled due to its immense popularity. Even so Among Us will surely be a game for the books.