Why You Should Be Participating in Clubs


Adrian Linares

Participating in clubs is a great way to enrich your High School experience. It’s an opportunity to make new friends (especially for freshmen), bolsters your highschool application, and is a fun and productive way to spend some of your extra time. There are a multitude of clubs you can get involved in at Kearny High and this year, all of which are functioning remotely. Check out the article What Are Club Doing During the Pandemic for the codes to join the club of your choice. For the first time in years, The Debate club is making its debut. If you’re someone who is strongly opinionated, researches the facts, and like’s their ideas to be challenged, this is the place for you. The Debate Club is looking for new members and is a great place for freshmen to establish their roots in a club. Everyone at KHS is welcome to join. Ms. Laquinatano is the supervisor and you can reach her at [email protected].