At Home With Mrs. Sosa


What is your schedule like on a daily basis? 

I usually start my day at 7:00-7:30 AM, but usually stop at around 6 PM for dinner.  There are many times where I need to continue working at night to keep up with grading or planning for classes. 

Who else is home with you during the day?

My two children, my husband, and my mom are also at the house during the day. My husband works from home and my kids have virtual school. My mom helps me a lot. I can’t forget my dog, Bono, who stresses me when he starts barking and I have a class.

If someone is home with you are they also on calls?

We are all on video conferences all day, sometimes our calls are at the same time.

What is your setup for school?

I am currently working out of my living room. My younger son works from the dining room which is the room right next to me. My husband works from the home office and my older son works from his bedroom. I am lucky that we each have our own space.

What is your favorite part about your school office?  

My new chair is my favorite part of my office. I had been waiting for it for a long time and it’s really comfortable. My dog Bono usually lays down by my side while I am working.

How do you feel about distance learning?

I miss being in school and interacting with my students. Learning is not just memorizing facts, it’s building connections with students and that has been very challenging during distance learning. Distance learning is challenging for all students, parents, and teachers, there is just not enough time to do all the things that we need to do.