Child Development

Arwa Ouali



Quality Child Care - Child Development Center of Ponca City - Ponca City, Ok

The Child Development Program at KHS also known as the nursery program, is where some Kearny children ages three and four have a chance to participate in. Though this class is optional it has some great benefits for young children as they learn to interact with classmates and adults alike and practice their alphabets, while enjoying their day at KHS. KHS students who take part in this class led by Mrs. Comer, planned lessons for the students and enjoyed quality time forming connections between the children for the year.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the young children are not able to participate this year. I had a chance to speak with Mrs. Comer and inquired about how this class is moving forward without the children used to be around.

Since remote learning began, very little has changed regarding the curriculum for the Child Development Program. Mrs. Comer said she had tried a few Zoom meetings during this last school year but not all children attended. As for this school year, there are no children because the registration process was never able to be completed due to Covid 19 and the inability to get into the school. The Child Development students have learned how to lesson plan and are creating and executing lessons to their peers during class time.  Mrs. Comer hopes her students will get some in school learning before the school year ends and if that does happen, she believes her students will be ready.

Though this is a hard time for all of us, Mrs. Comer says she and her classes stay positive and try to maintain what would happen in the nursery school if we were able to be there with the children. She said “I am certain that you can imagine how difficult it might be to present to your peers as if they were children and being on the screen can add additional worry for shy students”. Even with the difficulties that come with distance learning, Mrs. Comer is doing her best to cover all the material and keep progressing with her class.