Senior College Stress

Natalie Vega

Senior year is the final year of high school before the students go their separate ways and off to college, trade school, or work. The summer leading up to as well as the beginning of senior year is a crucial time to fill out college applications, write college essays, and truly figure out what you see yourself doing after high school. This time can be very frustrating for some students and easier for others. Alongside being a high school student, the action of tackling college applications and keeping up with normal school and extracurricular activities can be draining, especially with fast deadlines approaching. 

The Kearnian asked some seniors on how they feel about the college application process and here’s what some had to say: “Personally, I found that the college search process and application process were not too difficult. Already knowing what area I wanted to major in, made my college search a whole lot easier. . . As a senior, the search and application process can definitely seem overwhelming and stressful,” said Diana Azevedo. 

Another senior, Fernanda Irene, also explained her experience: “It was pretty stressful! Because you have to make sure that you have everything together which now we can’t really just go to the counselors office. We have to wait for an email response. As well as making sure you are choosing the correct major.” 

Senior, Samantha Flores, stated her worries: “It was very stressful. . . Writing essays was a huge struggle because writing isn’t my forte.” 

While this might be a stressful time for many, just remember that in the end everything will turn out the way it is supposed to turn out and as long as you try your best, success will indeed come. Good luck to all those seniors who applied!