Seniors, Fill Out Those Yearbook Forms!

Karla Santamaria

Seniors, do you think your best friend is the class clown? Who has the best smile? Cutest couple? Most athletic? Most likely to become a millionaire? Well that’s all up to you! Fill out the senior superlatives form on the senior class page to nominate your classmates for the best category. Yes, you can nominate yourself as well. 

The senior superlatives form is just one of the numerous forms up on the class page right now. All of the forms are for the yearbook for the class of 2021. The class advisors and yearbook staff are working hard on making it the very best it can be. If you are not yet enrolled on the class page, email [email protected] for the code as soon as possible. The staff are very open and want nothing more than to assist you.

There are over 300 students and not a lot of them are taking advantage of this chance to fill out the forms. The fact of the matter is that if not enough seniors fill out those forms, there just won’t be a section for them in the yearbook. No senior wants their yearbook to be shorter or of lower-quality compared to those in the past. 

There are so many forms on top of the superlatives. These include: baby pictures, sports, clubs, zodiac signs, glo-up page, pets, and so much more. Seniors, this is your chance to show your class the true you. Make your experience one to remember.