Thanksgiving Recipes

Sabrina Stroman

Holiday season is fast approaching with the first being Thanksgiving. Many people like to prepare for this feast filled holiday early so we reached out to KHS’s own Chef Barone to supply us with a variety of recipes for you to try out this holiday season.


Basic Brine

A brine is a super basic marinade that will ensure your turkey does not go dry.  It does require some planning as the turkey will need to soak in the brine for roughly a day before it should be cooked.


Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving without Mashed Potatoes is like Christmas without a tree, the whole event feels like there is something missing.  This recipe uses Yukon Gold potatoes to ensure a buttery and rich mash.


Bacon + Parmesan Stuffing

This non traditional stuffing hits on big flavors and is sure to be a star on the Thanksgiving table.  Bonus points for being able to make a few days ahead and just reheat on the big day!


Green Bean Casserole

This classic Thanksgiving staple is loaded with flavor and the crunchy fried onions are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.  Don’t skimp on the onions!


Honey Balsamic Brussel Sprouts

This recipe creates tender, but crisp and delicious caramelized sprouts.  The balance of sweet and sour in this dish makes them difficult to stop eating.



No Thanksgiving table is complete without fresh baked bread.  If the idea of investing the time and effort into dinner rolls doesn’t sound like a good time, then these easy biscuits and their tender and flakey layers are for you.


Sweet Corn Gratin

While non traditional, this recipe packs a punch of flavor.  This is one you will want to keep for other events as well.  It works great as a dip with some chips as well!


Candied Yams

This classic staple is a must for many homes on Thanksgiving.  It is a sweet side, but its flavors compliment many of the other savory flavors found on a Thanksgiving table.  


Bacon Gravy

This twist on the traditional gravy packs a punch of smokey flavor that is sure to be a hit.  Between the combination of sweet caramelized onions and smokey bacon, you may want to make a double batch.


Cranberry Sauce

If you don’t think opening a can of cranberry and slicing it out will satisfy your guests, then this recipe is a great alternative.  Incorporating the optional ingredients of orange zest and cinnamon really elevates the flavor.