TikTok Teacher Surprise Part 2

Natalie Vega

English teacher, Mrs. DeLuca received an amazing surprise from her AP Language and Composition class one day. Her students had come up with the idea to surprise her with thoughtful signs to show how much they appreciate all that she has done for them in this virtual environment. 

For Mrs. DeLuca, it was any normal day. She logged on to the Google Meet and noticed that none of her students were signing on. She had figured that she had the wrong class pulled up as well as technical issues occurring. Slowly the students began logging on and all of their cameras were off. Mrs. DeLuca was very confused: “I thought that I was having a problem with my computer that prevented me from seeing anyone’s faces.” Right when she was about to log out and log back in again, the cameras started turning on and the students were holding the meaningful signs. This thoughtful act by her students is one that Mrs. DeLuca will never forget: “I was completely shocked and extremely touched! It took me a moment to realize what was happening, but once I did I couldn’t believe it! The fact that the students would have taken time out of their day to plan the surprise and make those lovely signs was unbelievable to me.”

Many teachers are wondering whether or not they are getting through to their students and if their teaching methods are effective remotely. This gesture certainly encouraged Mrs. DeLuca and made her day: “I will never forget that moment, and I am very lucky to have such amazing and thoughtful students. I hope they know how much I truly appreciate them!”