RST: Shanel Ormaza

Karla Santamaria











Shanel Ormaza is a senior at KHS. Her favorite color is dark blue “because it gives things a bit of an elegant touch.” She’s a major rock fan! Her favorite types of music are hard rock and classic rock. Her favorite artists are Adam Gontier and Freddie Mercury. She grew up listening to Three Days Grace and Queen and claims she “instantly fell in love with their music!”

Shanel’s favorite movie is Ponyo and her favorite show is Anne with an E. Her hobbies include: running, drawing, and reading. She has been drawing and reading ever since she was a little girl. Shanel has always used drawing as a way to express herself and she shared that when she reads, she “gets to experience many adventures” and it is also a chance for her to use her imagination.

Her biggest role models are her friends and family. She shared that they are very supportive in anything she does and loves them very much. Her aspiration for the future is to become a teacher for young children, “I hope to inspire them to care about others and to become good people as they grow up.”