Would You Get the Vaccine?

Jaiden Daughtry

With coronavirus being almost a year old, many developments about the pandemic have been made and vaccines have been created. There are two main vaccines for Covid-19 are the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines. Vaccines are mainly being rolled out to the populations that are at special risk of being severely affected by the virus. The vaccine will not prevent a vaccinated person from spreading the virus but it will render them immune to the virus.

Students who were asked if they would receive the vaccine said yes for the most part. Their reason being that they would want to keep themselves and others safe and to be able to continue their social lives without fear of developing the effects of the virus such as heart complications, loss of smell, loss of taste, etc. Some students said no because they were unsure about the vaccine and heard many rumors about the side effects. This fear is probably caused by the unawareness of how vaccines work.

Vaccines are meant to introduce the immune system to a virus so that they develop the antibodies to fight the virus if the person were to ever come in contact with it. They often have side effects and the side effects of coronavirus are often little to none and when there are side effects, they are usually comparable to other vaccines’ effects. However, the few extreme cases have many people on their toes.