A Student’s Experience With Hybrid Learning


Arwa Ouali

In-person classes have resumed for about two weeks now and the number of students who have remained in the hybrid schedule has decreased. There are many reasons as to the decision to return to a fully virtual learning format. I had the chance to interview Julian Guridi, a sophomore who initially chose a hybrid schedule, but returned to a fully virtual schedule after the first day of trying it out. 

1. What was your experience for the day you went into school?

The experience for the day was fine, it didn’t feel like real school though, and it felt kind of weird. It was mainly weird because of the amount of people there were in classrooms; there were barely any people in classrooms.

2. What made you want to return to virtual learning?

For me the main reason for me going back is, I felt it very redundant to go to school, and I felt like the negatives outweigh the positives. When in the classroom, it is basically like you are home, so I do not think it is worth going and risking spreading the virus, if it is basically the same as staying home. Also, the masks were very uncomfortable, it was very hard for me to breathe, and I felt very uncomfortable wearing it for many hours straight.

3. What advantages/disadvantages are there for hybrid learning?

The advantage of hybrid learning is the lessons are more interactive and it is more interesting than just staring at the screen. The disadvantages however, are that it is very uncomfortable, from my personal experience. Also, it feels similar to virtual learning, since there is basically no interaction, and you are mostly confined to yourself and of course you could be exposed to the virus.

4. If you had any suggestions for making hybrid learning more enjoyable (as a school experience) what would they be?

I don’t think I have any suggestions. I think the school is doing the best they can, but for me personally I do not see the benefit to going to school due to all the restrictions.