Sports Roundup

Victoria Kulikowski

Our Kearny High School Sports teams are a hit or miss this year! We have teams that are on a winning streak, teams on a losing streak, and teams that are in between the two. 

Starting off with Boy’s Soccer, they seem to be the most reliable team so far. Out of the four games played as of September 5th, they have won every single one! The scores are below, let’s hope they bring in more victories as the season progresses. 

(As of 9/5/21-)

Away game vs Union City, won 3-1 (9/5)

Home game vs Dickinson, won 4-0 (9/7)

Away game vs St. Peters Prep, won 5-1 (9/12)

Home game vs North Bergen, won 2-1 (9/14)

As for Girl’s Soccer, they are on the winning side so far. With only one loss out of 4 games, they pace themselves with ease. Compared to Boy’s Soccer scores, they have a more significant difference between scores, as they beat Hackensack 9 to 0 on September 15th. 

Away game vs West Orange, tied 1-1 (9/6)

Home game vs Bayonne, won 6-1 (9/9)

Away game vs Watchung Hills; lost 1-0 (9/10)

Home game vs Hackensack, won 9-0 (9/15)

Girl’s Volleyball is not playing at their best so far, but this may be a team to look out for later in the season as they come up and regroup. With losses overpowering their singular win, it is hard to tell if they will come out of this losing streak in the next two months. Playing twice as many games as the other teams may have left them exhausted, so keep an eye out for the next two months as they turn the tables! 

Home game vs Mcnair, lost 2-0 (9/6)

Home game vs Bayonne, lost 2-0 (9/8)

Away game vs Union City, lost 2-0 (9/10)

Away game vs Snyder, lost 2-0 (9/13) 

Away game vs Ferris, lost 2-1 (9/14)

Home game vs Paterson Arts, won 2-0 (9/15)

Home game vs Memorial, lost 2-0 (9/18)

Girl’s Tennis seems to ride on a 50/50 chance with wins and losses. With two wins and three losses out of five games this season, we cannot predict the turnout so far. As the season ends surely the scores will even out and bring our KHS tennis scores to a solid win!

Away game vs North Bergen; won 4-1 (9/6)

Home game vs Mcnair, lost 3-2 (9/10)

Away game vs Rutherford, won 5-0 (9/14) 

Away game vs Mcnair, lost 4-1 (9/15)

Away game vs Dickinson, lost 4-1 (9/18)

KHS Football starts off their games in a disappointing manner. With underwhelming scores of 6 at both games compared to the other teams with over 40 points, a change will be a miracle. 

Away game vs North Bergen, lost 40-6 (9/8)

Away game vs Bayonne, lost 53-6 (9/14)