Things that Changed For This School Year

Lesly Samaniego

Many have noticed the major changes in school this year *cough* masks *cough*. However, there have been other things that have changed that some might not have noticed because they’ve never been in school in person. We no longer have lockers this year which puts us at a disadvantage when winter comes and we have to haul our jackets throughout the school day. However, an amazing change for all students this year is free breakfast and lunch regardless of qualification! If you want a breakfast sandwich or a delicious panini, it is now available from 8:00 to 8:15 a.m. and during your lunch period. Since COVID-19 is still a risk there have been new procedures put into place to avoid spreading the virus. Contact tracing has been set up in our classrooms and teachers are now required to have a proper seating chart and arrangement for students. This is in case a student happens to get sick, the administration is able to track the seats and classroom they have been in contact with. Along with being required to wear masks, teachers and students have to fill out COVID forms every morning which could be a hassle, especially if you’re forgetful. Along with all the procedures put in place because of Covid-19, meeting with your counselors has become more difficult than before because we now require appointments. What do you think about these new changes and how does it affect your school year?