Mr. Savage – KHS’ New Vice Principal


Matias Faundez

Like decades prior, change in leadership happened commonly. As KHS reaches its 100th anniversary, the administration has been modified. Mr Savage, the US History 1 and 2 teacher of 14 years, has been selected as the new Vice Principal joining  Mr.Tietjen who started serving his own term of VP in the 2019-2020 school year. Due to the natural hustle and bustle of a new school year, and the many responsibilities of a new Vice Principal for Mr. Savage to get used to, attempts at an interview took time, but the Kearnian was eventually able to secure time with the rookie VP, and ask him questions to see his perspective.


1. As this is your first year as Vice Principal, how do you feel about your Promotion and the new responsibilities that come with it?

I am very excited to be your new Vice Principal, and after 14 years I feel I am ready to be the best VP I can be for all Kearny High Students. With the challenges this strange year brings, I am ready to assist all students and staff as I start my tenure as Vice Principal. 

2. We are already well into the first month of the school year. Can you tell us of your beginning experiences, and what you hope to do moving forward? 

 I am still getting used to my new duties, but I am getting continuous help from past Vice Principal Mr. Miaso, and a tutor selected from the Leaders to Leaders Program to help ease my transition from Teacher to Administrative Duties as Vice Principal. With the pandemic, school has been stranger than ever before. With assistance from the Principal and cooperation with staff, I hope to work towards returning to normalcy and introducing programs to help all students be the best in academics and the social aspect of school.

3. Can you elaborate on introducing programs? How will you work with teachers to assist students?

During the year, I hope to start programs aiming to help students acclimate to the year on virtual. It’s clear that the teaching ability of our staff was hampered last year, and because of this, they will be essential in bringing students in all grades back up to speed. With the use of a cooperative system between Administration and the teachers themselves, we plan to pinpoint who needs assistance and in what area of academics, to allow all students to flourish in their studies.

4. What is your main educational philosophy? 

Students in a way do enjoy coming to school. And, I realize this isn’t because of their desire to learn. They enjoy their relationships with their friends, meeting new people and experiencing their youth with others. And for this reason I encourage all students to join sports, clubs, and any extracurricular activity. I understand that last year was isolating for a lot of students, but now we’re back in school, and this is the time for everyone to see each other again. 

5. Do you have any news for students, or things you’d like to say for the student body?

As for the pandemic, me and the Principal have been in constant contact with the Kearny Board of Health and the CDC. And in an effort to prevent any and all opportunities of Covid breaking out and to practice safety for the health of everyone here, for the foreseeable future the Library will not allow eating there, the Homecoming Dance has been delayed to Spring, and I wish to personally thank my old US-2 Honors class for being great students during the pandemic!