Dodgeball Tournament


Arwa Ouali

The Dodgeball Tournament is an annual competition at KHS where teams of students, teachers, or a mix of both compete against each other. The game was planned to occur on November 23rd but due to the lack of teams that signed up, the game will be postponed until March of 2022.  The proceeds will be collected and donated to a local food pantry.

The basics of the game are that teams are made up of 6 players between grade levels and may include teachers (alternate players can be added for a fee). Each game will last 5 minutes unless overtime is needed if there is no clear winner. Sportsmanship is a must throughout the game. Teams will compete based on a tournament bracket at random. The number of games each team plays will be determined by the number of teams that sign up.

Due to the pandemic and the need to prevent crowds, no fans will be allowed to attend the event. The finals will be livestreamed and shared on the school website and twitter. All teams must follow COVID protocols including wearing masks unless playing on the court.

For further information, payment, and approval of team name and uniform, please see Mrs. Pais-Sotelo in room 223N.