Football Team Feature


Victoria Kulikowski

One win, eight games, and a finished season. Kearny High School’s football team did not stand out this year, only making themselves seen as the county’s weak links. With point margins ranging from 28-47 per loss and a 4 point margin on their win against Newark East Side, 2021 was definitely an unfortunate year for KHS football. 

What went wrong? Was it the lack of attendance at games, the lack of work put in at practices, or absence of our mascot Kirby the Kardinal during football games? If we’re being honest, it might be all of them combined. Students have said that the coaches did not push the team to improve consistently, and that the players were not willing to put in their maximum effort. Looking from the stands, our team presented themselves with much more independence than their opponents, who seemed to have a confident, united team. 

Of course, the football team can hide under the umbrella of “Practice Cancelled Due to COVID-19” during the year classes went virtual. As a close contact sport, the practices (if any) must have been controlled and restrictive. If practices are controlled, what is there to say about any games? This sad season may just have been a result of lessened practices due to pandemic regulations and concerns, so blame is a far cry. 

After two months of weekday games, no homecoming game, and a poor attendance record, the 2021 high school football season is over. Kearny High School’s team was subpar, but with practice they can surely shape up. Kirby the Kardinal was absent from the football games, leaving a mild mood, but our band and cheerleaders tried to keep high spirits even when the crowd was full of indifference. Covid has affected not just big organizations but local high school sports teams more than people think. As the situation continues to improve in states and countries all over the world, our teams can surely bounce back and carry the game like never before.