Things to Do on Thanksgiving Break


Arwa Ouali

After Thanksgiving Day, there is much time to complete a few tasks for the remainder of the Thanksgiving Break. Aside from shopping, spending time with family, and eating, of course, consider the following to make the break as productive as possible.

One option is to catch up on schoolwork. Finish that assignment that you have been slacking on and have one less stress on your mind.

A second option is to catch up on some sleep. Sleeping during the week almost seems impossible if you are trying to keep up with all your work. Now is the perfect time to forget all your worries, destress, and enjoy a few z’s. Sleeping has its benefits and will allow you to start the week on a high note along with the other physical and mental advantages.

Some more interesting examples include participating in a Turkey Trot Race. Before all that turkey and gravy, try a 5k or 10k race to get in shape before the holidays, and the turkey, and the gravy.

If you are a festive person and looking ahead, this may be the right time to start decorating for Christmas. Yes, even though you have more than a month until then, forage for some lights and trees now while there’s still some left. The delays from the supply chain may leave the procrastinators with no last minute materials due to backlogs.

Sit back and watch those TV show seasons or movies you just never found the time for. While not a movie, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a classic event worth watching and attending.

Play sports and enjoy the time off with family or stay indoors where it’s warm and play some board games. Another pastime that brings families together is looking through old photos and reminiscing about what life was like back before we knew the pandemic.

If you are feeling the need to assist others and give them a reason to be thankful, volunteer your time at a soup kitchen, food bank, or for any other cause that helps people or animals through this holiday season.

Finally, if all options don’t work, relax! Sit back, do nothing, and be thankful for the days off!

Above all, enjoy the time while it lasts.