Lockdown Between Periods

Emely Ramirez

Two weeks ago we had a lockdown drill in between switching periods. Students quickly ran into classrooms, got out of hallways etc. A lot of students thought it was a real lockdown. I was able to reach out to Mrs. Richardson and ask her some questions about the lockdown.

Was the lockdown drill planned to be in between periods? 


If so what made you guys want to do it then and not how a regular drill is during class etc.

Faculty and students need to be prepared at all times. We are most vulnerable between classes, so it is important that everyone knows what to do. 

Did you receive any concerning phone calls etc., due to students not knowing if the drill was real or not?

No. Please know that all alarms should be considered live and real. students and staff should act accordingly as if it were live. we do not use the term “DRILL” on purpose. 

Did you think a lot of students would think it was real? 

Everyone in this building should conduct themselves as if every alarm was real. 

I heard that only some staff were told about that drill, if that is true why only some of the staff and not all? 

All staff were informed (DURING A FACULTY MEETING) that an  alarm will sound between periods. They had the opportunity to ask questions to be prepared.  

Were you “glad” of the outcome that students were quick to act, by getting into random classrooms, leaving the halls and stairwells, etc.

Everything ran very well. It took a very short amount of time for faculty to get students out of the hallways and into their rooms. We were very happy with the outcome.