“Nun of Your Business” Senior Play


Victoria Kulikowski

“Old McDonald had a farm, eeieeio, with a bless me here and a bless me there, here a bless me, there a bless me, everywhere a bless me, Old McDonald had a farm, eeieeio!” Old McDonald has not been mentioned in a school senior play for a while, but Nun of Your Business changed that. The show kicked off and after a bit of dialogue, the nuns break out into song, scared that they would raise holy cows on a farm far away from their convent. This is a recap of the 2021 Senior Play, Nun of Your Business. 


Day 1- Friday, December 10th

A nearly full bottom level of the auditorium may have scared cast members as they practiced in front of empty seats for weeks, but the show went perfectly. The Friday cast was very careful with their lines, but even if they were a bit nervous, the audience was highly receptive. Every dry joke that was in the script was met with laughter and cheers from the crowd. The Elmo on Friday was just too funny to stay quiet, with his comedic falls and tense acting. One of the best changes was one of the cast members finally getting their costume! Carin went all rehearsal without a nun costume, and the lines would have been mildly wrong, but because the costume came in clutch, all went smoothly! 


Day 2- Saturday, December 11th

On the second day of the show, less people came, but the auditorium stayed packed. Because of the constant practice, you would think that the cast had their lines down to memory, but that failed them in the best way possible. Skipping a few lines every scene, it was easy to mess up and hesitate or get lost, but the actors did an amazing job keeping on track with the dialogue right after the part they left out. Leaving a bit more room for improv, the crowd was not as receptive to the jokes, but the show flew by anyway. The only change from yesterday’s show was a quick ending speech to thank the teachers and people that made the production possible, including Mrs. G, Mr. B, and Mr. C as the main organizers.

From start to finish, the senior play was a worthwhile event. Seeing the seniors take time out of their day to put on a show and raise money for their class was amazing, and everyone came together in the end, just like the play’s script itself. Once the imposter was uncovered and painting found, the nuns got to keep their convent, and lived a happy life thereafter.