Virtual vs In School Learning


Juliette Viera

After a week-long winter break coming back from the holidays, and multiple Covid cases, KHS goes virtual, extending the so-called vacation. However, before the break, rumors began of the school shutting down and going “at home” mode. Students were still surprised that they’d be going back to 20’-21’ virtual learning. 

Though it’s every student’s wish for a school day to cancel, many KHS students seem to yearn for classrooms and a more social environment. Out of 55 students, only 10 were happy with the surprise 2-week virtual learning. Many teachers too have missed the full classroom atmosphere that made KHS a lively environment. 

One student commented on virtual learning as “lonely and better to teach in person”. 

Another student, Leslie Enriquez (Junior 23’) states “It’s a lot more awkward virtual” 

However, the opposed side comments “It’s easier to be at home and it’s a less chance of getting Covid” (Gabriel Granja, Junior 23’) Others agreed and mentioned “I work better on my own and at home than in a classroom” 

For now, there are no signs of shutting down again even with the rise of Covid cases and variants all throughout the U.S. Many schools have yet to shut down, even during KHS’s 2-week hiatus. According to, as of Sunday, January 23rd, up to 12562 Covid cases have piled up, increasing as the week goes on. 

Whether students prefer at home or in school learning, the KHS spirit continues to carry on with Covid regulations, maintaining a healthier way of learning. Remember to think positive and healthy! 🙂