Post Virtual Sports Roundup

Victoria Kulikowski

Girls Basketball

With a one-month record of 6 wins to 4 losses, girls basketball is in good shape. They are mostly on top with wider point margins, showing their capabilities. Big opportunities are coming up for them! 

1/11 vs. Newark Lab, won 65-10

1/13 vs. Union City, lost 57-22

1/15 vs. Brearley, won 54-17

1/17 vs. North Bergen, lost 30-26

1/18 vs. St. Dominic, won 68-40

1/20 vs. Lincoln, won 67- 23

1/22 vs. Bayonne, lost 57-23

1/24 vs. St. Mary, won 47-14

1/26 vs. Hoboken, won 51-17

1/27 vs. Snyder, lost 49-38


Boys Basketball

Boys basketball came out with lesser scores than girls this month, but that doesn’t mean their practice won’t pay off next month! Expecting a breakthrough in scores this February because Kearny surely has some great basketball players. 

1/15 vs. Paterson Eastside, lost 62-37

1/18 vs. McNair, lost 60-57

1/20 vs. Hoboken, lost 71-48

1/22 vs. Belleville, lost 60-30

1/24 vs. Nutley, lost 56-44

1/26 vs. Verona, lost 52-42

1/27 vs. Union City, lost 52-39


Boys Ice Hockey

With a total score of 6 wins to 3 losses and one tie, boys ice hockey is getting great results! Waiting for them to be in the championship and win big. 

1/11 vs. Scotch Plains-Fanwood, won 8-3

1/14 vs. Millburn, lost 11-6

1/15 vs. Newton, lost 4-2

1/17 vs. Lacey, lost 5-3

1/20 vs. Clifton, won 5-1

1/21 vs. Bayonne, tied 3-3

1/22 vs. Johnson, won 6-3

1/25 vs. Newark East Side, won 6-1

1/28 vs. Clifton, won 7-1

1/31 vs. West Orange, won 5-3



Only one loss after the virtual break for our wrestling team! Seems our students are stronger than ever after that break in the season during virtual learning. The wrestling team is looking promising for the rest of the season. 

1/12 vs. Passaic, won 58-24

1/15 vs. Whippany Park, won 54-27

Becton, won 50-28

Lyndhurst, won 48-36

1/18 vs. Rutherford, won 80-39

1/22 vs. Voorhees, lost 36-32

Piscataway, won 66-15

Belvidere, won 66-18

1/26 vs. Madison, won 37-36

1/28 vs. Belleville, won 54-27


Girls Bowling

With an amazing start to the season and 6 consecutive wins, the Girls Bowling team stands tall. All of their scores were 7-0, but they ended January with a single loss of 0-1. Hopefully, this does not discourage them as they have been doing very well so far. 

1/12 vs. Snyder, won 7-0

1/14 vs. Lincoln, won 7-0

1/19 vs. Bayonne, won 7-0

1/20 vs. McNair, won 7-0

1/21 vs. McNair, won 7-0

1/26 vs. Hudson Catholic, won 7-0

1/31 vs. Union City, lost 1-0


Boy’s Bowling

On the contrary to an all-win season, boy’s bowling comes out to a half-half record. No predictions can be made, but the team is not looking too bad so far. 

1/12 vs. Bayonne, lost 7-0

1/14 vs. St. Peter’s Prep, lost 5-2

1/19 vs. McNair, lost 4-3

1/20 vs. Lincoln, won 7-0

1/21 vs. Hudson Catholic, won 5-2

1/26 vs. Snyder, won 7-0


Boys Swimming

With a fresh start later in the month, boys swimming has still not had a lot of meets. With a considerable tie between wins and losses, we are projecting more wins to come. 

1/21 vs. Memorial, won 49-45

1/24 vs. Harrison, won 91-73

1/27 vs. Clifton, lost 59-35

Bayonne, lost 49-47


Girls Swimming

Girls swimming also has not had many meets, but their scores of 3-1 show more potential than the boys. Wishing them more wins for the rest of the season. 

1/21 vs. Memorial, lost 62-32

1/24 vs. Harrison, won 81-75

1/27 vs. Clifton, lost 51-42

Bayonne, lost 65-27