Weekly Horoscope for March 27th-April 9th


Juliette Viera

Aries Weekly Horoscope: 

Be open-minded these next few days, your goals are coming to an end which means you’ll be starting another chapter in your life. Continue to be bold and speak your mind, your words have a lot of power, use that to take the lead this week. 

Today matches: Aquarius – Leo – Scorpio 


Taurus Weekly Horoscope: 

You’ve been hustling a lot these past days, make sure you take some time for yourself to prevent burnout. These spring months may seem like forever but stay strong, this summer may just be your reward. 

Today’s Matches: Capricorn – Cancer – Sagittarius 


Gemini Weekly Horoscope: 

This is the ideal time of the year to get yourself together, perhaps study, or apply for a job to get you going forward. Maybe it might not sound so interesting but don’t fret, your social life is going to be busy these days as well once Mercury enters Aries this Sunday (March 27th) 

Today’s Matches: Pisces – Libra – Sagittarius 


Cancer Weekly Horoscope: 

You have some big dreams you hope to come true, opening your communication skills can lead to better intimacy with your partner and strengthen your bond. Just make sure to always let out the truth and keep an open mind. 

Today’s matches: Pisces – Libra – Sagittarius 


Leo Weekly Horoscope: 

Mercury will be conjoining with Neptune in your intimacy zone. It’s a great time to manifest dreams or goals this time of the year as flowers bloom and the weather (hopefully) becomes warmer, and hey there’s a high possibility of success. 

Today’s Matches: Taurus – Sagittarius – Aquarius 


Virgo Weekly Horoscope: 

Speaking your mind with empathy could lead to a dreamy partnership in your relationship zone. Whether taking your romantic relationship to the next level or opening a new one, you’re going to experience the best creativity and pleasure this spring. 

Today’s Matches: Gemini – Sagittarius – Aries 


Libra Weekly Horoscope: 

How you speak will be crucial to not just you but to others around you. If you want to improve yourself, negative talk is not the way to go. Perhaps new things will arise and it may be too much to handle, keep calm and patient. Your confidence will be boosting this week so make sure you keep a good stance with it. 

Today’s matches: Leo – Aquarius – Taurus 


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: 

Stress will be arising as well as tension in your family. This is always going to be affected by everyone so don’t overthink it too much. Express your feelings to someone before things become too much for you. On a good note, Mercury enters Aries meaning a boost of energy will be coming to you this Sunday aka today. 

Today’s matches: Virgo – Pisces – Aries 


Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope: 

After a big day, spending time with your loved ones is best for this week. Whether it’s hosting a dinner or simply hanging out spending time together, your mood will be settled and calm. Just don’t invite any manipulative or toxic people that you for some reason still keep around. Just know your vibe will be higher than the other signs. 

Today’s Matches: Virgo – Pisces – Taurus 


Capricorn Weekly Horoscope: 

You’ve been working hard these past few days, you like to keep your hustle game strong, and that’s great! Just always make sure you keep in touch with yourself and your family. Maybe a vacation is what you need. Doesn’t have to be a big one, staying indoors is also relaxing. Friends and family matter most. 

Today’s Matches: Libra – Pisces – Cancer


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope: 

You have a lot that you want to achieve, but maybe it might not all come true. Don’t worry about it, one achievement at a time. Bittersweet endings may happen and it’s always tough to say goodbye, but these endings always lead to great beginnings. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those who always make you feel better.

Today’s matches: Libra – Aries – Leo 


Pisces Weekly Horoscope: 

Your week begins on a positive note, this is a great time to achieve whatever you want. Perhaps that new person you are talking to can evolve into a new relationship, romantic or not. Maybe you guys have a lot more in common than you think. Just keep talking! 

Today’s Matches: Capricorn – Cancer – Libra