Popular Video Games

Julian Iglesias

As spring approaches, so do new updates for popular video games. The first update that has recently come out is for the immensely popular Minecraft. This game has managed to maintain relevance for over a decade thanks to constant updates that keep the game fun and fresh. The latest 1.18 update is no exception. Mojang has added many new features that will change the game and add more opportunities for fun and creativity. 


Updates added to the game Minecraft include:

New cave generation:

Caves now come in different varieties and biomes. Some examples of biomes include lush caves, which are filled with beautiful plants, flowers, and grass. You can find new items in these caves including spore blossoms, moss, and glow berries. Dripstone caves have large stalactites which hang from the ceiling, and stalagmites that grow from the ground. The new stalactite and stalagmite blocks are very useful because they can drip water and lava, giving you a renewable source if you place a cauldron underneath them.


The Warden:

The warden is a blind enemy that attacks areas where it hears a sound coming from. The player must sneak around the warden to be careful not to be killed by it. They do immense amounts of damage, even if the player has strong armor equipped. Wardens spawn in the deep dark cave biome.


Wireless Redstone:

New blocks that can be harvested from the deep dark cave biome allow for building Redstone contraptions without having to use Redstone dust. The sensors can be activated by sounds or breaking blocks. This means that players have more creativity in building complex contraptions such as flying machines or automatic doors for example.


Another game that has been updated recently is the online battle-royale Fortnite. It is now in season 2 of the 3rd chapter, meaning there are new map, weapon, and battle pass updates. 


No more building:

For the season 2 update, Epic Games decided to completely disable one of the most important features in the game. Building allows players to create defenses or outsmart their opponents, however, it is now totally removed.


Battle Pass:

The new battle pass includes 8 skins. (Tsuki 2.0, Gunnar, The Imagined, Kiara K.O., The Origin, Erisa, Prowler, and Doctor Strange from the Marvel film series.) The Doctor Strange skin is the biggest selling point of the battle pass, as he is a popular character.



Two brand new weapons were introduced this season. The Combat SMG has very high power and fire rate, but also has a very unstable recoil pattern, making it difficult to aim with. The Striker Burst Rifle is similar to the Combat SMG in terms of having high power, but also an unstable recoil pattern. It is a 2 shot rifle and has a scope to aim/zoom with.