2022 Mock Trial Preview

Sofia Chouaib

It’s here! The annual mock trial will be held on May 23rd, 2022 in the media center. After two and a half years of being virtual, this year’s Intro to Law students are ready to present their cases. They are dedicated and have been working hard all year to prepare for this. This year, both classes have very interesting cases. Period 2 will present a case involving a couple who goes out on a date but one ends up dead. Representing the prosecution are Daniela Miranda, Lara Loureiro, and Marcos Martins, and representing the defense are Jayson Colon and Cristina Garcia. Period 5 will present a case involving the death of 45-year-old Chuck Ohver, with the main suspect being his daughter, Olivia Ohver. Representing the defense will be Nathaly Lozado and Muhammad Qureshi and representing the prosecution will be Jaiden Daughtry, Filip Kaminski, and Marco Calva-Gallardo. Please inform your period 2 and 5 teachers and come support us in the library!