Mask Mandate Lifted Again!

Juliette Viera

Blue or black, fabric or paper, on or off, masks have been part of our norm in KHS for the entire school year this 2021-2022. 

After a surging rise of Covid-19 cases in Kearny once again appeared, so did the masks. Students and staff were told to mask up in early-may to create a reduction of cases and spreading. Supposedly the mask mandate in KHS was predicted to lift on May 8th but extended for a few more weeks. With the average 7-day cases being 389, in Hudson county, it’s been a difficult choice to lift the mask mandate anew. Starting off with masks, going virtual, and multiple instances of having to mask up again, this year was a rollercoaster for our alumni and staff.  

 On Tuesday, May 24th, the mask mandate was  lifted again for what we can expect to be the last time to do so. The 2021-22 school year is coming to an end this June, and if things continue at a plateau in covid cases then KHS students may be able to end their school year in comfort. Many believe this may be the last we see masks in school again. However, it’s still strongly doubted as we have seen the last 2-3 years facing this pandemic. Cases continue to rise in New Jersey with a daily average of 4,858 cases. 

What’s important is allowing our students and staff to live in comfort as they spend most of their time in the building. KHS may be seeing the end of masks being part of the norm, and hopefully so does the rest of the globe as we continue to attempt the spreading of the virus and keep our friends and family healthy. 

For more information visit and beware of mask tan this summer!