Mr. Kearny is Back!


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May 18 – Calendar Icon – Vector Illustration

A classic Kearny High tradition has found its way back into our lives this school year. Mr. Kearny High is a night complete with “pageant-like” events where students compete in order to win the title of “Mr. Kearny High”. As a result of a lack of advisors, Mr. Kearny High has been entirely absent from the experience of our school’s current students.

However, thanks to the dedication of the REACH Club advisors, Ms. Keim and Ms. Viso, students can expect to receive nothing short of a night filled with long-lasting memories. Previous years of Mr. Kearny High received an overflowing amount of school spirit and involvement from both the student body and faculty. Highlights of said tradition include a talent event, a teacher escort event to dress up, a dance event, a Q&A segment, and a “comical pick-up line” section as well. Alongside these events, expect to encounter “special videos”, teacher appearances, and a live DJ in collaboration with Mr. Kearny High.

All students are welcome, and encouraged, to participate. Anyone interested should stop by room 302 for further information as Ms. Keim and Ms. Viso would be glad to answer any questions. Mr. Kearny High will be held Wednesday night May 18th, 2022 at 7 pm. All proceeds will go to the REACH organization.