The 2nd Year of the HCCC Program!

Arwa Ouali and Susana Vivar

With things in the world somewhat getting back to normal in the education world as of recently old programs are starting to come back. The Class of 2026’s freshmen were given the opportunity to participate in a Dual Enrollment Program in connection with Hudson Community College (HCCC) with the end goal of earning an associate degree in conjunction with a high school diploma, once students graduate. The last time this program was in place from our information was for the class of 2021/22. This is a huge step for underclassmen and I had a chance to speak with Mr. Measso, who helped make this program possible for some more information.


Is this a continuation of the Associate’s Degree Program that was made available to the Class of 2025 last year?

Yes, this year’s 8th graders took the Accuplacer on May 17th in an effort to qualify for our 2nd cohort of the Early College Program offered in conjunction with Hudson Community College.    

The Class of 2025 cohort has 15 students who are doing very well as we finish this school year.  They have been able to successfully navigate the transition to freshman year while handling the demands associated with these higher level courses.   We are hopeful that we will be able to assemble another full cohort for the Class of 2026 and continue this amazing opportunity for our student population.


Are the required classes similar to the classes needed for last year’s group?

The required courses for the incoming 9th graders will be the same as they will take French 1 and Advanced Office Suites during the school year and not only earn credits towards their high school diploma but also credits toward the Associates Degree at HCCC. We may also enroll them in English 101 this summer as a pilot to have them take their first online class before even entering high school.


After hearing about the college program, the Kearnian asked some students participating in the program how they felt about it and the benefit they see from it. 

Alexis Pereira – Im very grateful for the wonderful opportunity that has been presented to us but the program itself feels disorganized. For example, it does not seem there is a long term plan set as we do not even know what french course we are taking next year or even other future courses. In addition, it can become extremely stressful trying to complete work for our regular classes as well as for the program. That being said, even though it is difficult to manage right now, I do think it will benefit me in the future. Earning an associates degree right off the bat will help those of us that are looking for a career right out of highschool, and it will lessen the burden of college debt.

Gabriela Guerra- The HCCC program isn’t that bad, I just wished they had a better explanation of what we will take in the future so we can be better prepared. Although I am excited for when we will have classes on campus and graduate with two years of college already done. 

Issac Moya-  I think it’s very nice we were given this opportunity as the program is not all that bad since we are being given free college courses and college level advice on how to deal with stress.