Unsung Hero Award

Arwa Ouali

 Arianna Robaina was 2022’s Unsung Hero.
I had the opportunity to speak to her about it before graduation.
When were you first notified?
I was first notified that I was a recipient of this award in March 2022. Mr. Measso explained to me that I received this award for the things I’ve been through and how I persevered. He told me that even though I experienced the death of my father and other obstacles, I still made it a point to make a better school environment. I was in endless clubs, plays, musicals. He told me that I didn’t complain when I was asked to go above what was initially expected of me.
How did you feel when you received it?
I felt extremely relieved and noticed when I received the award. Relieved because I felt that my work paid off, and noticed because I felt sort of hidden after experiencing the things I have over these 4 years. At this point I realized that people are actually paying attention to the things I do.