Super Senior Play Alert!

Juliette Viera

KHS runs through multiple traditions participated by students, the powderpuff game, spirit week and now coming up the senior play! Each year Milagros Gonzalez, known as both Ms. M and Ms. G, rounds up a group of seniors to perform a 1-hour play every December. Each year a different play, not to be mistaken for the school musical performed every spring, starring talented seniors wanting to make the most of their last year together here at KHS. 

This year the play is titled, Super Freaks! A group of mental hospital patients are gathered together by a reporter looking for an excellent new story, sharing their “super talents” like super speed, mind reading, and even the ability to turn on and off lights. A comedy-filled and faux-action pact performance is currently in the works. The cast will be split into two performance nights, the opening night being December 9th and the final performance being December 10th both starting at 7 pm. 

The Kearnian was able to view the first rehearsal in the auditorium last Wednesday and ask some questions to director Gonzalez. 


 What were you most nervous about when preparing for the auditions? 

“This was the first time I’ve been nervous in a while because I don’t know this group as well as I knew the last group. The last group of seniors I knew since they were in kindergarten, we lost about 20-25 really amazing dedicated performing art kids, I am basically starting from scratch. I don’t know them at all, I didn’t even know what I would be working with. So that was what was petrifying”. 


Can you describe what went into selecting this cast?

“Okay well first of all, being that I didn’t know what I was working with, It would be good to start small. I was looking at shows that would have 10 or under characters, because along with not knowing them personally, I had no sense of  their sense of responsibility or dedication. Even though I like to take chances on new kids when we do a show it’s usually 1 or 2 new ones I never worked with before. But if I have a cast of 20 and 10 of them are irresponsible I’m doomed! So I thought let’s start with a small cast and see how they are and it’ll help us determine the later shows, which is the musical in the spring.”


What are you most excited about working with the new cast?

“Well this group is very smart, they are enrolled in AP classes and sports right now, my previous group wasn’t as much. I’m hoping to use their athletic skills and maybe use them for physical comedy! I look forward to their growth, I think this is a strong starting point, and I think they have the natural ability but I am looking forward to guiding them to that level.” 


Do you believe this would be a successful show? 

“Honestly I think this will be a very successful show, they have good chemistry together, probably because they are already friends prior to this situation and were only on the initial rehearsals and got to block the entire first act today which is super helpful.” 


Why did you choose this play? 

I always try to choose a comedy for the senior play because it’s a fundraiser and all the profit goes to the graduating class, nobody wants to sit through a sad play, especially after everything the whole world has been through- we need to laugh!”  I picked it because it’s a comedy, and I’ve been wanting to do this show for a long time…” 


Rehearsing two times a week and adding on more days of practice closer to the opening night, the cast has been memorizing lines to perform a super grand show. We were able to speak to a cast member, Angelie Persaud. 


Can you briefly explain what the show is about? 

A.P: “It’s basically about these four people that are in a mental hospital that think they have superpowers.” 

What could you say the audience should expect from this show? 

A.P: Definitely laughing, it’s a very funny show. Even when I was reading through the script I was laughing the entire time. 

Describe your character. 

A.P: She’s definitely motherly, quirky, and fun; pinkalicious…Enthusiastic… ooh good-hearted. 

How do you feel about your cast members?

A.P: I love them, I think there’s great communication and great chemistry which makes everything 10x better. 


Rehearsing two times a week and adding more nearing opening night, KHS seniors are getting ready to perform their hilarious, action pact and light-hearted play promising to add fun to your 2022-2023 school year. A reminder the shows are on December 9th and December 10th at 7 pm, tickets will be sold at the front entrance, for students/senior citizens for $6 meanwhile $8 for all others. Hope to see you there!