Homecoming 2023!

Gabriela Barona

Filled with the buzz and excitement of finally having a school dance, Homecoming was finally here. After two long years with no homecoming, many students felt it was long overdue. In the end, homecoming was a success! There were over 1,100 KHS Students who showed up to dance and party. More about dance here But what’s homecoming without a royal court? 

This year we had 64 students nominated. 13 Senior Kings, 21 Senior Queens, 8 Junior Princes, 12 Junior Princesses, 4 Sophomore Princes, 11 Sophomore Princesses, 0 Freshman Princes, and 4 Freshman Princesses. Each respective class voted for their own Prince and Princess and the whole school voted for our Homecoming King and Queen. By the final round, there were only 8 finalists for each title, 4 boys and 4 girls. Tensions were high, people had been posting their campaigns for weeks leading up to this moment; so when the clock hit 8:30, it was time to announce the winners. 

For the Class of 2026, Ava Natosi won the title of Freshman Princess. Sophomore couple Antonio Velez and Raquel Lamego won Sophomore Prince and Princess. Junior Prince and Princess were Joshua Baeza and Giovanna De Souza. Now, our Senior Homecoming court consisted of Daphne Cielo, William Mullins, Maci Covello, Christopher Carson, Emily Horvaht and Michael Charney. And the Class of 2023’s Homecoming King and Queen were Leo Tantalean and Gabriela Barona!! It was a night to remember and many students had so much fun, and look forward to any future school dance.