Powderpuff Games

Juliette Viera

Kearny High School indulges in traditions yearly, making the years memorable for all students. Every November one of the best football games conducted by Kearny High is the Senior vs. Junior Powderpuff game. If you’re unfamiliar with this game, every year the girls of both the senior and junior class play flag football meanwhile the guys are cheerleaders with the responsibility of a halftime show.  It’s an anticipated game that guarantees a win for KHS. 

 Why is it called Powderpuff? There is no actual answer except baby powder is expected to be flown into the air throughout the night ready to be inhaled by all those on the field. 

Rumor has it that every year the seniors always win despite the score saying otherwise. However last year a very rough and surprising defeat for the 2022 seniors happened against the now 2023 Seniors. Not even the scoreboard could be ignored. So it was only expected that our current seniors would take the win again. After a very close and fairly played game, the Seniors managed to score their last point giving them victory. You can’t lie, the class of 2024 had a very good chance of winning with the awesome plays created. 

Congratulations to the seniors and great game to the class of 2024. 

The games are great but the real highlight every year is the halftime show performed by the senior boys. Last year the boys of 2023’ choreographed an unforgettable dance that sets the bar high to beat for this year. However, with more cheerleaders added to the team, a bigger performance was done. The audience must have been small because it seems like their halftime performance of 2021 was cheered for a lot more. Or maybe the class of 2022 was just really hyped up. The boys redeemed themselves during the winter pep rally with a more up close performance that received a way better reaction. 

For the first time in the past 4 years however the junior class showed up to the 2022 powderpuff game with only one cheerleader! Props to Gustavo Delima for showing up and wowing the crowd with cartwheels. Gustavo managed to land once but it was still a great performance. No halftime show from the Juniors though. *Wamp wamp waaammp*

Powderpuff wouldn’t be a proper powderpuff game without the cheers of victory done by the winners in the hallways the next following day. A black ocean of seniors filled the narrow hallways on every floor chanting the iconic phrase “Who’s house? Our house!”. 

This wraps up the 2022 powderpuff game, another win for the class of 2023!