Middle School Open House

Juliette Viera

Last Tuesday Kearny High School opened up the door at 7 pm to welcome the class of 2027 and family members to all their future school has to offer. Teachers, staff, and current KHS students were asked if they would like to represent their clubs, sports, or programs to welcome incoming students. Middle schoolers were given the opportunity to tour around the school as well as enter the gym and meet the representatives of the volunteered clubs. 

With almost 400 students and parents coming in for the open house, a video made by teacher Ryan Miller and his video classes was presented displaying the many classes and opportunities as well as comments from current attending students. Programs like medical classes including dentistry, art classes, sports, construction, S.T.E.M classes etc, were all included in the video, and participated in interviews demonstrating their activities. 

The Kearnian participated in the showing with a decorated stand and lots of information on both the site and how to join. Our senior editors Sabrina Stroman and Arwa Ouali were there in support of the Kearnian informing families and students about us. It’s not too late to join the Kearnian if you are interested, we meet every Tuesday after school in room 238 on the 2nd floor. 

Thanks to all the 8th graders and parents for being involved and interested in what the next four years of the class of 2027 will look like. Hope to see you next year!