Surviving the 1st Semester of College

Leaving the nest and starting a new journey can be hard. Many students fear what the future might bring for them when starting college. Many students also don’t have a sibling or friend that can share their experiences so that they could have a smoother transition. Hearing experiences from other students can serve a guide to know what to expect for the upcoming college years. 

With the end of the fall semester coming to an end, it is a perfect time to hear experiences of the first semester college from KHS alumni. Daniel Moreno is a KHS 2022 graduate. He’s attending Rutgers University (Newark). We asked him a couple questions about college that might help those future college students. 



What has been the hardest adjustment you’ve had to make since starting college? 

DM: The hardest thing for me has been the change in schedule. When you’re in high school, you get used to the same schedule day after day. You follow a pattern everyday that is already set for you. Coming to college, there are a lot more factors that are up to you. You choose your class time and you choose how you wish to manage your school work. It took me a while to figure out how to manage my time in a way that works best for me. 


What is your favorite thing about the college experience that differs from high school? 

DM: In college you get to meet many more people than in high school. The classes are bigger and there are a lot more people attending the school, at least for me. I feel like it’s easier to make new friends or simply approach people. The environment is more welcoming than in high school. 


What are some unexpected things you’ve had to come across since starting college? 

DM: There hasn’t been anything that took me too off guard. But going back to what I said before, figuring out scheduling and time management was something that I wasn’t prepared for. 


What are some things you have heard that you have found out to be untrue about college? Was there anything that turned out to be true for you? 

DM: College life is not as crazy as people say it is. Everyone focuses on the parties and the Fraternities. But, to be completely honest, most people are worried about their studies. There of course are parties, but it’s not like college life revolves around them. It’s pretty chill out here. 


Lastly, Do you have any tips that could help current high school seniors? 

DM: The best advice I can give anyone is to work on their time management and responsibility. In college, you are responsible for your own grades, more so than in high school. The professors don’t care much about your grade. You have to be on top of your stuff. 


Hopefully Daniel’s experience helped you all get a better understanding of what college is like. Good Luck!