Messy May is on the way


Juliette Viera

Whoop Whoop look out all KHS students! The chaos of May is just around the corner! The school-wide month of May brings out many emotions from our peers. Soon begins the weekly stress for AP students and all students eligible to take the NJLSA. Aside from testing, school events are coming up too including the end-of-year dance recital, the return of Mr. Kearny, Junior Prom, and Memorial Day weekend which is an extra day longer thanks to the unused snow days. It’s a well-needed break for our students and staff. 

The AP testing week begins the first day of May starting with AP US Government and Chemistry meanwhile the 2nd week will end with AP Latin on 5/12. A majority of our students are currently taking AP English classes such as Language and Literature meanwhile another group is taking AP statistics. For all art students portfolios are due the first week of May according to your digital submission page. Many of our AP classes have begun reviewing but students in a few classes are feeling unsure about what to expect. One KHS student shared their feelings towards the AP tests saying “I paid around $40 to take the test but honestly don’t feel like I could save myself if I don’t get at least a 3. It’s more stressful knowing that you spent a year on this to probably fail and get no credit than actually taking the test”. 

If things couldn’t get even more stressful the newly introduced test from last year is coming back again. The NJLSA testing will be held the week after AP testing with many Juniors having to use more brain power if taking APs as well. Fortunately many Seniors may not have to take these tests. We love NJ testing…

Testing can be taken in many ways, some wing it and others feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Personally I wing It and have survived. It’s always important to breathe and remember these 4 years don’t reflect on what the outcome of your tests is, everything turns out fine in the end. Perhaps to relieve stress, come on down to some of  KHS’s public events happening in May too! 

Coming back after years is Mr. Kearny! A pageant event conducted by KHS students and teachers showing off the male students and whatever their charms may be. Think low budget Miss America. 

Earlier in May comes the end-of-the-year dance recital performed by the talented students of Miss Vela’s dance classes. Happening right between the days of Ap Literature testing and Statistics. However, teens have expressed their thoughts on having to focus on multiple things at once hoping that in the future a change can be made to reduce the bulk of stress being thrown at students. Good luck to the girls performing and don’t break a leg! (I don’t know any dancing support phrases) 

Just remember students and teachers that June is almost here and so is the end of the 2022-2023 school year. How could you end a school year without wanting to scream into your pillow? Good luck to all test takers and enjoy whatever you can of messy May!