Retirement Alert! Mrs. Richardson is leaving her position.

Juliette Viera



The school year comes to an end in the next few weeks, and so does the leadership of our school’s principal Mrs. Richardson. With eight years here at Kearny High School, Mrs. Richardson is retiring with KHS pride. Born and raised in Kearny, a KHS graduate and being part of the varsity soccer team, Mrs. Richardson holds many memories and hopes with the high school. 

Richardson started her teaching career as a traveling health teacher for five years then a soccer coaching position at East Brunswick afterwards. Growing up in Kearny she was a very avid soccer player in Kearny since the age of three. After KHS she went to Kean University to earn her degree and play soccer there. The Kearnian was able to have an in-person interview with Richardson herself and ask her some questions. 


How much of an impact do you believe you’ve done during your time as principal?: 

R: I think I’ve had a pretty good impact when I came here. I was shocked by the police being called every couple of days and I was a little taken back but I sat back for the first half of the year and just observed what needed to be taken care of right away. So we started putting some more accountability up and putting things in place. But overall even the building looks much different now than before and we’re sending a lot more students to college. I think the things that I have put in place have had an impact in a way and I hope that students are proud to be a part of this school, proud to be from Kearny High School and get an education here. 


Do you believe that KHS has had a major increase on student issues compared to past years? Does this have anything to do with the reason for your retirement? 

R: No this has nothing to do with my retirement at all no, I have three kids of my own, I have a 5-year-old, a 13-year-old, and a 21-year-old. I have kids that are at very different stages in their lives and in very different directions. I have a son going to college, he’s going to Kean and he’s going for a degree in criminal justice, so he’s going to be doing that. I have one going into middle school and the little one she’s going to kindergarten. So there’s just a lot going on and so I believe I have the years to retire and the right purposes. But with your first question, no I don’t believe that there has been an increase but a decrease. Every year is something different but no It didn’t have anything to do with my retirement. 


What’s the best memory you have as a principal?

R: Well that’s hard, there are so many memories and people that I have fond memories with but I’d say my fondest memory, and I may sound crazy, is the year of 2020, Covid was the shutdown and everything was crazy. You know, and I guess my favorite memory would be when we came to graduation, it was 2020 and we were still figuring out what to do for graduation and we came to the kids getting their lawn signs, almost every teacher volunteered to come to school put their masks on and decorate a few cars and they drove all around to visit the students. But it was definitely a different graduation and It was a nine-day event. It was special, it was a little more personalized for every family and it came out great so yeah I’d say it’s a memory I won’t forget. 


Any final words you have for KHS students and staff? 

R: Well I want to save my final goodbyes for graduation, during the speech so you’ll have to wait for that~ 


With less than 2 months left the 2022-2023 school year is coming to an end, stay tuned for graduation day to hear Mrs. Richardson’s last words to KHS students and staff. On behalf of the Kearnian, we wish Mrs. Richardson a happy retirement.