RST: Daphne Cielo

Arwa Ouali

Daphne Cielo is a sophomore at KHS. Her two favorite colors are lavender and periwinkle. Daphne will listen to any music except for country which she says is not “my cup of tea”. Currently, classical music has been helping her concentrate on homework better. Daphne has no favorite artists and her role model is her mother, who she says is the reason “why I am where I am today”.

Daphne is currently watching Victorious and her favorite movie is Flipped and Marvel Movies. She is a huge soccer person who enjoys playing for fun. Daphne is involved in track and field. Though Daphne doesn’t know exactly what she wants to be, she wants to help people in either a courtroom as a lawyer or in the classroom as a teacher.   

Some of Daphne’s hobbies include writing and making up stories. Her favorite subject is history and she is “not really a science or math person.” She hopes to one day write a book either about her life or a fictional story she comes up with.