How We’re Getting to Know Each Other During Virtual Learning


Gloria Natividade

With the recent spike of virtual/distanced learning, teachers are stepping it up with a new kind of creative thinking. From virtual lockers to virtual classrooms, they’re doing it all to make an effort to try and get to know their new students. Virtual lockers and classrooms consist of a template that the student fills out to their liking, adding a piece of them to the class so the teacher can have a better idea on who they’re teaching. Some educators are even sending out the highly notable ‘16personalities’ test. Crazy, accurate results are received and students are asked to list down the qualities the personality test gave out and how they can use these skills in their classroom this school year. Having no in person contact with those you are educating is overwhelming, teachers are doing their part and students are cooperating well. Let’s keep it up and find more creative virtual ideas as we go through this!