Do You Miss Cafeteria Food?

Do You Miss Cafeteria Food?

Arwa Ouali

Since the pandemic started students haven’t school lunches for almost a year now. Students were asked what they food they missed the most and why they thought it topped the rest.

Daniela Miranda Calle:

My friend and I always fought over the pepperoni pizza sticks. It was ridiculous. With us being athletes we love carbo-loading during our lunch period and when we would stay in for lunch we would eat those. It was way better than other cafeteria foods and to prove it, you have to be one of the first people on the line in order to find some. They sell out rapidly and if you have sixth-period lunch you may not even find them! Point being, pepperoni pizza sticks are way superior to the other lunch foods!


Carina Lamego:

I personally think the chicken sandwich was the best. I didn’t stay in for lunch very often but when I did, I always got that. You could put anything on it, ketchup, mustard, or BBQ sauce, and it would still taste good. And it wasn’t very mushy and was solid so it would stay down the entire day.


Gissel Olivera:

I always got the paninis at lunch. They were so good and reminded me of home. You were able to customize them to your liking and the lunch ladies were always so laidback. They were also fresh off the toaster so they weren’t soggy and didn’t taste stale. My friends and I would eat them almost every day and we never got tired of them. I would do anything to get another bite.