Exam Conspiracy


Sabrina Stroman

Many people find conspiracy theories enjoyable. They range from political, to entertainment, to even scientific topics. Yet they are simply that. Enjoyable. None are relatable in a sense that they could actually apply to you. So the Kearnian has delved into our own conspiracy theory that we hope everyone can relate to and perhaps provide their own experience with. 

Exams, tests, quizzes, knowledge checks, whatever you want to call them there’s no escape from them. And although some like to explain how much of a pain it is to simply have one such test in a week, the Kearnian has noticed a pattern. Or more specifically the editors. In my personal experience as a junior who has probably overloaded her schedule, I’ve noticed that every month I tend to have some sort of unofficial ‘exam week’. This is a week where my teachers finish the content they’ve been covering and then give us exams all in the same week. I’ve also noticed that all of this takes place on either a Tuesday or Wednesday. Naturally I tend to get overwhelmed and nervous having so many assessments at the same time. Yet this kind of workload is what I expected going into junior year. 

I can say that at least some of our teachers have discussed which teachers they are friends with or are acquainted with. I for one, do not have many teachers right now that are acquainted with each other. Because of that I normally don’t think that their teaching schedules or exams lineup with each other personally. Then over the past two weeks I’ve noticed how I’ve had back to back exam weeks like what I mentioned before. That normally doesn’t happen and although I understand that it’s the end of the semester it still felt very overwhelming. Other friends of mine have noticed something similar so I’d like for them to share their thoughts on this. Who knows, maybe our teachers hide a bit more from us than we thought.