New Policy for Girls Bathroom


Juliette Viera

Near the beginning of our school year, KHS has been receiving many new situations that occur in our boys’ and girls’ bathrooms. Whether it’s vandalization, skipping classes, or vaping occurrences, it’s safe to say our restrooms have quite the amount of stories to tell. In October we had our boy’s bathrooms vandalized and had to take a different procedure to even enter. Now, a new problem has occurred, this time, in our girl’s restroom. 

Students caught vaping in these restrooms affected the easygoing procedure of allowing students to enter freely. On November 17th, all students and guardians were sent an email stating the occurrence and the consequences that come with vaping in these restrooms. However the uproar isn’t on the subject of vaping itself, but on the new restrictions when going to the bathroom. 

Currently, all-female students have been waiting outside their nearest restroom, waiting for their turn as now, only one student is allowed at a time. Staff and teachers have been placed as “bathroom monitors”, and altered every few periods. Girls’ bathrooms have been closed in between periods preventing students from entering. Many KHS female students have opposed this new policy as well as many teachers. 

The Kearnian was able to contact our assistant principal, Mr. Teitjen, and ask a few questions.

  1. How long will the girl’s bathroom policy last, or will there only be a few adjustments made throughout the school year? At this time the girl’s bathroom policy will remain in place until the administration has determined otherwise.
  2. Was this solution the most effective suggestion given during the meeting or were there other methods mentioned? The administration felt this was the most effective solution due to the large student body and the limited alternatives available.
  3. There have been many opposed opinions towards this new policy made by many KHS female students and teachers, has the board recognized this? Please be advised that the Superintendent’s Office was notified of the steps being taken to deter all bad behavior in both the boys’ and girls’ restrooms.
  4. Has there been any case of vaping since the policy was placed? Is there any case of vaping in the boy’s bathroom as well? The administration takes the issue of vaping very seriously and continues to monitor the boy’s room as well.
  5. Any last comments or announcements on the new bathroom Policy? Hopefully, the message is received and understood that there is zero tolerance regarding behavior detrimental to the learning process or when addressing the overall health of students that attend Kearny High School.