February Sports Roundup

Victoria Kulikowski

Winter sports are ending as the spring season approaches. All of our teams did very well this season even though the virtual break in January may have damaged sports schedules. A special shoutout to our Winter Cheer team that lifted spirits and cheered our basketball teams on all season! 


Girls’ Basketball

Our girls’ basketball team had a great season! The games played against Hudson Catholic were the main source of losses, all other games averaging a win. The Lady Kards have a record of 17-9 and made it to the County quarterfinals. Though they lost to Hudson Catholic and Colombia in the quarterfinals, we can all acknowledge the great plays this season. 


2/1 vs. Hudson Catholic, lost 57-39

2/3 vs. North Bergen, won 61-40

2/5 vs. Barringer, won 60-21

2/7 vs. Hillside, won 72-34

2/8 vs. Union City, lost 51-40

2/10 vs. St. Dominic, won 63- 25

2/12 vs. Ridgefield Park, won 58-17

2/14 vs. Hudson Catholic, lost 45-43

2/15 vs. Lincoln, won 53-27

2/17 vs. Snyder, won 63-61

2/19 vs. McNair, won 68-37

2/21 vs. Hudson Catholic, lost 31-17

2/23 vs. Hoboken, won 58-18

2/24 vs. Glen Ridge, won 42-29

2/28 vs. Colombia, lost 58-53


Boys’ Basketball

Boys’ basketball finished with a 7-14 record, ending the season on a victory against University Charter! Though the team seems to waver between wins and losses, their last win could not secure them a spot in the tournament. Still, ending on a win with a 13 point margin is amazing no matter how far they got in the season. 


2/1 vs. Ferris, lost 63-57

2/3 vs. McNair, lost 73-53

2/7 vs. Ferris, won 60-57

2/8 vs. Bard, won 55-41

2/10 vs. University Charter, won 48-27

2/12 vs. Bayonne, lost 65-39

2/14 vs. Newark Vocational, won 45-41

2/15 vs. Hoboken, lost 55-40

2/17 vs. Lincoln, lost 42-34

2/23 vs. Barringer, lost 60-45

2/25 vs. University Charter, won 52-39


Girls’ Bowling

The girls’ bowling season ended in January, but the standings are still very impressive and should be restated. They had only one loss this season, which was their last game versus Union City. Their record is 12-1 and they won the Hudson County Tournament, placing 8th in the Group 3 State Championship as well! Hannah Paszkiewicz was Queen of the County qualifying for the Individual State Championships along with Anna Powell. 


Boys’ Bowling

Boys’ bowling also ended in January, but this season is the bowling team’s best season in a while. With a record of 7-5, they did not win a tournament or championship but are well on their way there. Ryan Valli was the King of Hudson County bowling a 300 this season and qualifying for the Individual State Championships.


Ice Hockey

Boys’ Ice Hockey ended with a record of 12-5-5. They finished 2nd in divisional play and were McMullen Cup Champions. Jack Logue had an outstanding season in the net as he compiled 397 saves. 


2/2 vs. Johnson, won 8-1

2/14 vs. West Orange, won 4-1

2/16 vs. Bayonne, won 5-4 (McMullen Cup Final Round)

2/18 vs. Newton, won 5-3

2/22 vs. Colonia, lost 14-4 (NJSIAA Tournament)


Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming 

With both seasons ending in January, there are no further scores but their records and standings will be restated. The boys’ record was 4-2 while the girls’ record was 3-3. At the League Championships, Michelle Cerquiera finished 4th in the 500m Freestyle, and Angelo Lucero finished 4th in the 50m and 100m Freestyle. 


Boys’ and Girls’ Indoor Track

Our track team’s hard work is paying off. Our boys’ 4×800 team consisting of Justin Collantes, Jaiden Daughtery, Mateusz Sierzputowski, and Bobby Kennedy are Hudson County Relay Champions! 



Wrestling had an amazing season with a final record of 13-6. Nine of our wrestlers placed in the District and moved on to the Regions. Adam Ramadan and Alex Amorim were one match short of qualifying for the state finals in Atlantic City. 



2/2 vs. Millburn, won 60-21

2/5 vs. Secaucus, won 48-26

North Bergen, lost 43- 34

Union City, won 66-15

2/7 vs. Ridge, lost 54-25 (NJSIAA Tournament Quarterfinals)

2/9 vs. Cliffside Park, won 51-30

2/12 vs. Rahway, lost 48-36

Dumont, lost 42-27

North Bergen, lost 48-30