Sports Roundup

Victoria Kulikowski

As the school year begins, sports come back for a new year and compete across the district. Over the last month, our teams have faced multiple schools and some matches proved more difficult than others. Here is the September 2022 Sports review. 

Girls Tennis played less matches overall than other teams so far, but has maintained a steady streak of wins and losses, most scores coming in to 3-2.

Girls Tennis Scores:

9/7 lost vs. McNair, 4-1

9/12 lost vs Bayonne, 3-2

9/14 lost vs Memorial, 3-2

9/16 won vs Ferris, 3-2

9/20 lost vs Dickinson, 3-2

9/21 won vs Union City, 4-1

9/26 lost vs McNair, 3-2

9/28 lost vs Bayonne, 3-2


The Girls Volleyball team has had the busiest season yet, with 17 matches over the last month! The wins and losses stay pretty even at a record of 7-10. This is a major improvement from last year, where the team struggled to defeat other teams in the district. Whatever they are putting into their practice seems to bear good results. The matches are not an easy win as well, they have to really fight for it as some have seen in the 9/28 game vs. McNair, the scores on the last set went to 24-26, leaving McNair with a two point winning margin. The team has also played a small tournament on 10/1, with three games back to back. On 10/5, the winning set came out to 24-6! Very impressive start to the season. 

Girls Volleyball Scores:

9/8 lost vs McNair, 2-1

9/9 lost vs Cliffside Park, 2-1

9/12 lost vs Bayonne, 2-0

9/14 lost vs Union City, 2-0

9/15 won vs St. Dominic, 2-1

9/19 won vs Snyder, 2-0

9/21 lost vs Memorial, 2-0

9/23 lost vs Hudson Catholic, 2-0

9/24 won vs North Arlington, 2-0

9/26 won vs North Bergen, 2-1

9/28 lost vs McNair, 2-1 

9/30 lost vs Bayonne, 2-0

10/1 lost vs Ferris, 2-0

10/1 won vs Beloved charter, 2-0

10/1 won vs Hackensack, 2-1 

10/3 lost vs Union city, 2-0

10/5 won vs Snyder, 2-0 


There is hope for our Girls Soccer team as they have been on a good streak through practice and are aiming for high ranks in future matches and tournaments. Their first match against Clifton was very successful, a 5-0 clean sweep. Every match they win seems to have a wide margin between scores, so having them place high in this year’s finals is looking promising. 

Girls Soccer Scores:

9/8 won vs. Clifton, 5-0

9/10 lost vs Westfield, 1-0

9/13 won vs West Orange, 3-0

9/16 won vs Lyndhurst, 4-1

9/22 won vs West Essex, 2-0

9/24 lost vs Cranford, 2-1

9/27 lost vs Watchung Hills, 2-0

10/1 lost vs Randolph, 2-0

10/4 lost vs West Morris, 2-1


Boys Soccer might make it to the finals again this year! Their record from September alone is incredible, only winning at every game. They tied once, but even then it does not hurt them, with their run of 10 wins so far. Definitely the most accomplished team so far this year. 

Boys Soccer Scores: 

9/9 won vs. Ramsey, 2-1

9/12 won vs Union City, 4-3

9/14 won vs Dickinson, 6-0

9/17 won vs Roxbury, 1-0

9/17 won vs St. Peter’s Prep, 3-2

9/21 won vs Hudson Catholic, 6-2

9/26 won vs North Bergen, 5-0

9/28 won vs Union City, 2-1

10/1 won vs Delran, 2-1

10/3 won vs Dickinson, 5-0

10/5 tied vs St. Peter’s Prep, 1-1


The football team is off to a similar start as last year. They did win once, and by 28 points at that! As of 10/11/22, number 71 on the team, Barreira, is benched for the rest of the season due to a leg injury and a dislocated ankle. Number 74, Aquino, will be replacing him as a lineman to start for the remainder of the 2022 season. Hopefully after this incident, our football team will pull through and win more games this year.

Football Scores:

9/9 lost vs Memorial, 31-14

9/15 won vs Ferris, 56-28

9/24 lost vs Fair lawn, 43-0

9/30 lost vs Cliffside park, 27-11