E-Sports Club


Matias Faundez

E-sports has in recent times been seen as the highest level of gaming one can achieve. Acting similarly like sports on the field, there are players managed by general teams and associations, as they enter competitions with cash prizes to see who is the best of their respective game. Ranging from MMO’s, FPS titles, and Fighting games, they all boast competitive tournaments filled with teams that all seek to be number one.

And it looks like the very same speaks for the E-sports club right here at Kearny High School. At the moment, they mainly play Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and compete with other High Schools in online tournaments. The club was originally meant to be a Smash Brothers focused area, but realizing it might be too unique to catch on, it then transferred into a action game focused club. Taking a further step, it changed into a Esports focused environment, open to all who enjoy playing Video Games.

I personally attended a handful of meetings to take in the club environment they were fostering, and asked its members and club leaders questions to see their perspective. Most however chose to remain anonymous. Speaking to two members who were spectating a live match, they had this to say when I asked. “How do you like it here?” 

The two responded with a shared notion. “Oh I think it’s great. Everyone supports each other to improve their gaming, and even people who would want to remain casual with gaming are accepted.” They went on to state that the “warm vibe” really improves the club, and they hope that anyone who might not be a part of anything consider theirs, and they might find a place to belong.

Going to the club leaders and teacher, Mrs.Lockhart, they all shared a sentiment in pride that their club has gotten more popular. Some of the members don’t even play, but the environment of acceptance they created has really become something special. Mrs.Lockhart, remarking on the inter-High School tournaments, has said that Kearny is in the top brackets, and during one of the meetings I attended, one of ours successfully defeated a rival contender High School. It seems that even off the field, Kearny continues to be a significant force in the sporting arena.